Did you know that reducing the intake of calories DOES NOT help with weight loss? In fact, this is the big fat weight loss lie. Any nutritionist you speak to will tell you the same thing.

You may wonder why. Well, that’s because cutting calories works in the SHORT-TERM – and that’s all leading weight loss programs including Weightwatchers, Jenny Craig and NutriSystem care about, because that way, you think it’s working.

What they fail to tell you, and don’t care about, is that cutting your calorie intake will force your metabolism to slow down and stop burning fat for energy. Your body clings onto your fat reserves as a survival mechanism.

The problem is, as soon as you start ‘feasting’ again – which everyone does because starvation diets are brutal – the initial weight you lose not only piles back on, but you gain even more fat, because your body is now protecting you from potential starvation. This is why low calorie, starvation diets produce yo-yo dieting – and the weight loss companies love it – because you keep coming back to them.

The truth is that the real secret to healthy and long-term weight loss has absolutely nothing to do with calories.

You might already know that there are different types of fat – some good, and some bad. White fat and visceral fats are the kinds of fat you DON’T want. These are the fats that collect around your belly and organs and lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and a range of other life-threatening illnesses. But brown fat, on the other hand, is actually the KEY to weight loss.

Why? Brown fat is more like muscle than fat, and crucially, when activated, brown fat BURNS white fat. The idea is, therefore, to find a way to increase a person’s ratio of brown fat – because this will dramatically increase the amount of calories that a person burns, and result in rapid and healthy weight loss.

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